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Welcome to Pilates Infusion

An intimate, total well-being, mind-body studio providing people with exercise therapy, based on Pilates but incorporating other bodywork systems, with or without the use of studio equipment.

Working closely with GPs, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists (who themselves attend our studio) we can assist with your rehabilitation from:
Pilates InfustionAccident
Pilates InfustionInjury
Pilates InfustionIllness related problems
Pilates InfustionBack / joint problems
Pilates InfustionPostural problems
Pilates Infusion

"You are only as young as your body is strong and flexible"

New DVD Just released

Pilates InFusion is delighted to announce the release of their new DVD. Designed for students of all levels, the DVD includes :
Pilates Infustion DVDClinical Pilates rather than Classical Pilates
Pilates Infustion DVDSimple, effective movements - very good for bad backs and joints
Pilates Infustion DVDEqually as good for preventing back problems, etc.
Pilates Infustion DVDIncludes a warm-up session, Level 1 & Level 2 exercise sessions and cool down session.
Pilates Infustion DVDFully inter-active, enabling you to do any combination of the above. Its very versatile!
Pilates Infustion DVDAlso on the DVD - various complimentary therapy suggestions to assist you in your ability to exercise and to improve your total well-being!
Contact Carole to order your copy - 07970 184959

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