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Pilates - Who will benefit?

Who will benefit..?

This exercise method is perfect for all sportsmen / women and athletes looking to complement and enhance their performance and avoid the risk of injury.

It also attracts many leading figures from the worlds of performing arts.

However, you will also find it is most suitable for people with injuries or conditions, including first time exercisers; its slow, controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results and is especially recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems.

Pilates is now being used increasingly to complement the work of GP’s, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.


Long term benefits include:

Pilates InfustionA more streamlined body
Pilates InfustionImproved posture and balance
Pilates InfustionAlleviation of stress and tension
Pilates InfustionImproved co-ordination and body awareness
Pilates InfustionRelief from back and joint problems
Pilates InfustionIncreased joint and muscular strength
Pilates InfustionImproved endurance and flexibility
Pilates InfustionAlleviation of arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis
Pilates InfustionPrevention from injury
Pilates InfustionMind / Body Balance
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